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Elegantly shaped hand-dipped classic, dripless cone candles

The cone candle is self-standing, making it a very versatile product. With its classic shape, it is elegant on its own, but it also sits beautifully on many surfaces, for example a piece of glass, a raw cement table or a piece of marble – anything is possible, because no candle holder is required. The candle is self-extinguishing, so the flame dies out 2-3 centimeters from the bottom (however, we recommend to never leave lit candles unattended).

All ester & erik candles are produced in Silkeborg, Denmark. These candles are natural products made from 100% paraffin wax and 100% pure cotton wick of the highest quality – the same raw materials we have been using since the company was established in 1987. These candles are hand-coloured using durable, water-based dyes which do not fade in sunlight. 

Extinguishing guide: We recommend using a candle extinguisher to extinguish the candle. This avoids smoke, and ensures that the candle is completely extinguished, thus preventing the wick from smouldering. A candle extinguisher will completely extinguish the burning wick, so the wick remains intact.

Candle-burning tips: To ensure that the candle burns in the best possible way, we recommend keeping the wick short, placing candles min. 10 cm apart, and avoiding placing candles in draughts or above a radiator.

Other colors and sizes available too.

Size: 14.6" / 37cm

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