Once upon a time, in the frozen land of Finland, Hannele and Tommy's daughter Charlotte decided to go on a Rotary exchange to a far away land, called Canada. Her parents visited her in the city of St. Catharines and loved the place. Being the adventurous Finns they are, they decided to pack their bags and move to Canada to start a home decor business.

Meanwhile, across the sea, Anne, who had long time ago moved from Sweden with her parents, had been running her Interior Design firm in St. Catharines for over 20 years. She had always dreamed of joining forces with fellow Scandinavians to create the ultimate design powerhouse. One day, while on a scouting visit to Canada, the stars aligned and Anne was introduced to Hannele and Tommy through mutual friends. They hit it off and spent countless hours discussing their vision for a new business.

Unfortunately the pandemic hit and put a wrench in their timeline, but these brave Scandinavians were not deterred and continued to plan and strategize despite the setback. To make this fairytale story short, jumping to early 2022, upon arriving, they got to work renovating their new space at 211 Martindale Road. It was a dark and dreary space, which is everything you don't associate with Scandinavian design. But with their expertise, coats of paint, and a lot of sweat and love, the space was transformed into a Scandinavian haven.

With a variety of items sourced from around the world and Canada, HUS & ROOMS finally became a reality. And who knows, maybe they'll even start offering courses on how to properly assemble a Swedish meatball platter or how to dance around a maypole! Or how about classes on how to build furniture out of ice blocks! After all, they are Scandinavians, and nothing is impossible when it comes to creativity and innovation.

As you can see, HUS & ROOMS is the perfect place to go for all your Scandinavian home decor needs. Just be sure to pronounce it correctly - it's HooS, not "huhss" or "hose" or any other butchered version.
And don't worry about the language barrier - Hannele and Tommy may have only just immigrated, but they're already pretty fluent in Canadian, eh? Plus, with Anne's 42 years of experience here, she's practically a local celebrity.

Ah yes, Anne’s spouse Patrick - the token Canadian in this group of Scandinavians. We like to keep him around to remind us what it's like to live in a country that doesn't have snow for six months out of the year. But don't let his "local boy" status fool you - Patrick is an integral part of our team. He's the one who keeps us from accidentally importing a herd of moose or starting a maple syrup farm in the back of the store.

And let's not forget about our assistant Danielle, who's got the unenviable task of keeping the rest of us in line. Trust us, it's not an easy job.

So whether you need help building, designing and furnishing your whole house (or HUS), or just sprucing up a single room, HUS & ROOMS has you covered. We've scoured Scandinavia, Europe, and Canada to bring you the most beautiful and unique home goods and furnishings around. So come on down and let us help you create the perfect HUS or ROOM - just don't mispronounce our name or Danielle might have to give you the stink eye!

HUS & ROOMS Grand Opening with Mayor Sendzik, June 16th, 2022